What I have learned in Social Media Marketing

screen-shot-2013-10-25-at-1-45-53-pm.pngWhen I began designing my Degree at Empire State Collage for Arts Management I knew general business knowledge would be crucial. Marketing is a key aspect of any business and I have witnessed the web take marketing by storm. As a twenty something student born into Generation Y I did grow up during the time of several internet evolutions; this gave me someone of an “instinctive” knowledge of certain internet processes.

Although most people my age and most people in general are all about social media I attempted NOT to involve myself with it. I did not like the release of such personal information for everyone to see.  The only social media platform that I engaged in was Instagram (because I love to take pictures). At the completion of this class I now see how fun social media is and I am even considering creating a personal blog about my life (probably when I finsh with school.)

I have developed a new outlook on social media for personal reasons as well as for businesses reasons. After reading social_boom[1]Jeffery Gitomer’s Social Boom I see what a vital element social media is to any business in this day and age.  Gitomer explained how prohibiting social media actually inhibits a business. Though this text I learned the key elements to business social media, to Attract, Engage and Connect.

Overall the most impactful element of Jeffery Gitomers book was to take action. He endorsed several resources to build a web presence and explained how impactful they can be. Gitomer always suggested taking control, having a plan and taking action. I have gained a more authoritative writing style from reading Social Boom as well as a “Can do attitude.” When Professor Ferree asked me if I had ever used Google hangouts, I responded saying “No, no one has ever asked me to hangout.” I realized this was a passive answer as to why I have not used Google Hangouts, when I have all the web capabilities to do so. I thought of Gitomer, and took action! Asking my brother to do a Google hang out with me and downloading the app for my phone.

I have been introduced to many social media exporters thought Gitomer’s book. His book exemplified the urgency of social media. The ever-growing world-wide web is not going to wait for you. It is available now and I now realize the importance of NOW.  This includes having timely blog posts and a consistent presence.

For my website AcCompanywithart I used several tools to pull together a functioning web presence. I used countless sources for information as well as examples to inspire me.   The reason I looked to examples was because I realized that seeing what others do can inspire you on what to do or what not to do. The main websites that I obtained information from where YouTube, Flicker, Facebook and Word press. I also read a lot more blogs than I have about various social media topics. I felt these web tools were the quickest most informative ways to find what I needed.A Co./ Art

For my web presence the 3 platforms that I used were Word press, Facebook and Twitter. I felt Word press was an extremely user-friendly and highly recognized blog site.  Facebook is obviously a huge market for countless demographics and consumer potential. I enjoyed using Twitter because of the rapid pace and simple layout.  I feel a constant Twitter presence is a great to remind everyone including yourself what you are doing.

I know that these tools are extremely useful and a must in my future career goals. I am also hoping to develop a professional LinkedIn account over the winter break.  I think my experiences with social media will help me ease my way into any market through the use of the internet. I have had a personal realization with using social media that I need to think of content before aesthetic detail. I also feel I have new ways to overcome barriers that may arise with the use of technology. (Don’t get aggravated to fast, look for answers! Don’t Obsess.) I also learned (unfortunately at the end of the course) that it is helpful to keep a frequent link list in a computer document since blogs need many links.

I have found this course extremely beneficial, I feel my experience in developing a web presence will be a positive contribution to my portfolio. The main thing that I take from this study is the realization that the internet holds millions of answers. I feel I have gained a skill in navigating the internet to find the answers I need and the ability to steer clear of the un-helpful content. I see how much there is to be learned from engagement in social media and proper utilization of the internet’s many resources.cropped-screen-shot-2013-10-25-at-1-50-26-pm.png


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