My Social Media Boom Plan

Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing the last section of Jeffery Gitomer’s Social Boom! I will also be discussing my personal  social media plans for my restaurant AcCompany with Art.

Gitomer comes to  conclusions within  Social Boom; bringing together several aspects of the text into “Your Personal Game Plan.” He develops a simple equation that should be considered when you develop your personal game plan.

Attract    Engage     Connect

While this equation is composed of just three words it is not a simple one, it takes effort and ability to achieve Social Media success. There is no secret formula out there to do the work for you for free. It is possible that your loyal customers may start spreading the word of your business for you, but it takes effort, on your part to get there; A great amount of effort.

A Co./ ArtGitomer points out the importance of planning within social media. He revels a list of questions that are simple yet very important in uncovering what your actions are and where they should be. In my blog ACo./Art Game Plan!  I answer several of these questions in regards to my social media game plan with my “restaurant ” AcCompany With Art.

I decided to read Jonathan Payne‘s website  titled My Social Media Game Plan since it was a top hit on Google when typing in Social Media Game Plan.  Payne is also  @SocailGamePlan on Twitter.  He has several guest bloggers on the homepage all talking about social media game plans. Guest Blogger Savannah Marie talks of Mixos about  “carefully crafted strategies” and refers to content as “Currency” on the web. This is an aspect Gitomer has been stressing from the beginning the importance of VALUE within what you are doing and what you are talking about on social media.

I want to attract new customers to the restaurant, as well as the

United We Stand Divided We Fall

United We Stand Divided We Fall

“E-commerce” website. In a sense I want to have an Army of Social Media platforms, using Facebook, Twitter, and the WordPress website as a team. I have learned through out my class that the collaboration of  social media platforms can be twice as powerful as a single outlet. I eventually would like to add YouTube, LinkedIn,Pinterest Yelp, Foursquare ( for brick and mortar business) and Instagram to the team as well as some other popular social media outlets. While playing this game of social media I Feel the more Army Men the better and I would say that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube could be considered Tankers!

Jeffory Gitomoers section in his book Social Boom titled “My Personal Game Plan” helped me see where to began; In my latest Blog post to AcCompany With Art I have the answers to “The Personal Game Plan” questions.  taking out different Social Media platforms at once can be a challenge.  I answer  Gitomer’s questions in regards to my ACo/Art, Twitter and Facebook Page.

I felt as if Christmas came early when I found James Hickey’s YouTube Video Social Media Marketing Game Plan For Business Owners.  He briefly explained a great number of Social Media Platforms in a relatively quick video. I had learned a great deal about several of these platforms in my Social Media Marketing Class at Empire State Collage; Yet I learned  a few new things about platforms my class did not cover. The only popular platform Hickey mentioned that I had never heard of was WooBox. He also had several recommendations for and benefits about the platforms… for instance:

  •  Woo box:  Recommends 1-3x a day fresh status updates, attempt steady growth, interact with industry related members, Post contest, Promotions, The most popular social give away platform! Sounds Fun!
  •  Twitter:  Recommends 3-5x a day since it is such a quick news feed! follow followers of your completion follow companies with follower #s (status) you desire to grow to
  • Instagram : is great for Live events, Branding, #hashtags – not a ton of advertising but branding  and simple sight –People see it quick and it is not overcrowed with ads
  • Yelp- reputation management platform – You can reply to bad reviews with positive rebuttals
  • Linkden- profile,professionalism –find employees/ see decision makers, Promote compay-services and products when you give (recommendations) you get back, brand yourself as an expert in your business
  • Google branded page – just like Facebook page, Google places can be emerged with Google map
  • Four Square: A fun one for customers, Good way to promote products and business.
  • Finally I had never heard the acronym NAP that stands for 3 vital elements to any business  name address phone #. Lets just say ill  be NAPping much more often!

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