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What is the Right way to Write?

What keeps Social Media and Business together?

What keeps Content and Value together?




After  reading  Jefferoy Gitomer’s  Social Boom section titled THE GLUE, I was able to see the importance of writing within social media.  How writing is tied into all social media outlets. Sometimes even picture media outlets tend to have some writing to add value to the photos. I felt I was lacking on my Instagram photo captions when I realized 90% of my captions were #hashtags.  An issue I find with my writing is the amount of time it takes me to write something. I feel I spend too much time editing and adding to the content. With collage writing I often find I have trouble limiting my self to the assigned page number to get what I am trying to say across. This is where Gitomer’s tips on concise, clear and understandable tips come in handy.

Asking yourself questions about your writing is a great way to make sure its concise, clear and understandable.  Saving your best thoughts and ideas the second they occur is important. Editing and peer editing can make your writing flow better and result in clarity. Gitomer suggests editing a day later to reveal what it is you were “thinking.” Gitomer also does something I rarely do, he  does not  include himself with the reader.  He talks to the reader, and never includes himself in the thought, never saying “We” he instead says “Your.”  This is a tactic Id like to try, I will have to be conscientious of this concept in my future blogs.


Gitomer explains authoritative writing!

I had never really considered using this style. I am not a very authoritative person in reality and often times in writings I will think I might offend someone or I might not be completely positive about what I am writing. So I throw in words like, possibility,potentially, may, maybe etc. I even have my WordPress blog edited by writing helper app Zemanta, which works by “Adding related posts to the bottom of your posts makes your creations feel more authoritative and credible.” It also highlights wording that is suggested to be a “Passive Voice” for editing. I See how authoritative writing is very powerful, gets your point across and let people know you know what you’re talking about. I am hoping that I will be able to pick up or fake  this writing style. No I  Will Pick UP This Writing Stlye!


I greatly appreciated Gitomers advice on grammar and spelling, I hate going though a paper periodically to check spelling unless I am complelty board with the content. I can see how grammar is no longer in the lime light in this day and age. It is something that certain people notice yet I do not think it is what people look for anymore. I feel grammar has its place of great importance, places like a resume, collage documents, court documents or reasearch papers.

Coming across as a human with personality is important in blogs, hence why Gitomer suggests having a photo and bibliography on your about page, to “Make it human and Personal.” He suggests writing like you talk. I can not belive I am typing the word “like” as much as I am yet it is something people can relate to and I have a grammatically bad habit of saying.  Stretching ideas and writing from personal experience and your own personality.   of explains how to you are the best person to write about your experiences, there is no one better!

Gitomer also emphasizes a blog as a connection between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Blogs bring attraction and are a great place to glue links to everything. I can see how blogs bring it all together, when content of other social sites often have a different focus.

Gitomer suggests that “A statement of value that reflects why you’re blogging in the first place.” Journalism professor   Jeff Jarvis is a regular guest on the Howard Stern show he uses authenticity on air as well as in his blogs.  People respond to his authenticity, he has over 60,000 followers.   Ali Edwards posts value messages about family,scrap booking, design, children and autism. Once she has value instilled people are attracted and she is able to Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.27.45 PMgain sponsors.

“Value must be perceived as such by the recipient or it has none.” is a statement Giotmer made that I found especially compelling. How can people use what you are portraying to learn,earn, better themselves or better their lives? Why should people be reading what you have written? What is the Value?

It is easy to see that value comes before price. Value within writing should be genuine, authentic and without an immediate offer to buy. Gitomer reveals how followers  realize you offer genuine value and then they will possibly begin to buy from you because they believe all other offers must also have value. “Value fist, connections second, money third. Money is not the motive , it’s the by-product.” Gitomer.

I also see your audience as part of  the glue of social media Gitomer considers his  emailing list to be his “single most valuable business asset.” Your audience is what enables you to grow and get your message out there. Gitomer explains how a value message  “reaches every one of your customers and prospects is not an option in today’s business world its a marketing tool…A vital element.”  Author Romany Thresher implores  in her blog Why Knowing Your Target Audience and What You Do is Important to Your Social Media Assistant that “You need to know who is in your target market, so that you can speak their  language and understand their needs.” It is vital to embrace your audience and use the never-ending resource they can be  as the part of glue to your social media!

Value messages should be accountable, your Writing should enable Your Audience  to clearly understand and be able to relate to you.


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