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ImageLewis, Bricklayer New YouTube Account Flicker.com Apr 3 2012 Web. 5 Nov. 2013.

YouTube : A  tremendous   opportunity  to Promote your name and your brand

           YouTube has an audience of well, everyone creating a huge opportunity for exposure. What I love about YouTube is that you can search for exactly what you want, when you want and  you can find it instantly. I much prefer video tutorials to written instructions because  I find them more personal and easier to follow. You can search all kinds of topics on YouTube ranging anywhere from hilarious to highly educational to simple entertainment. Julien Smith consultant, speaker and co-author of Trust Agents revels that “Never have more people been able to share what knowledge they do have, helping people grow, all for free.”

     The journal article   “Ads Give New Twist to Ballet.”  Suggests the power of a commercial advertisement, how it speaks volumes. The Ballet had always had a particular crowd. Their TV ad showed a pair golfing in a field then the camera cut out to show that they were standing on cows. The punch line being ”Too much free time? Go see the ballet.”  This brought in a whole new crowd to the Atlanta  Ballet. They say a picture speaks a thousand words I feel a video speaks even more. It gives the ability to say what you want with out having to write an essay or post a blog. You do not need a professional camera crew, actors or movie set.

        Image Call of Duty the very popular video game used YouTube as a huge spot for their marketing campaign. On the top of YouTube’s home page yesterday was the Call of Duty Ghosts trailer featuring Megan Fox.  I think the advertisers behind Call of Duty knew there was a good chance majority of their customers may be on YouTube. As well as millions of other potential customers had access to it as well. I ended up watching the video twice, where as if it were on TV I guarantee I wouldn’t seen it never the less paid any attention to it. I have heard people say they are sick of commercials on TV, they are used to Netflix, Hulu, recorded TV shows and other entertainment outlets. All of which have no commercials or give the viewer the ability to fast forward the commercials. Just think of that spending an exorbitant amount of money on TV ads that people might fast forward.  I am not saying TV ads are no longer viewed, of course they are. I am just saying that YouTube is free and people do not always view certain videos as just an ad. If they are interested they can seek it. If you want to share it you can; you could be sleeping and someone may be viewing or learning from your video.

         Social Media Examiner points out that Whole Foods  is another business that has a huge reliance on YouTube driven traffic. They have a channel with over 500 videos, allowing them to show tutorials, quick simple recipes, and kids meals, buying local videos, seafood and so much more. Any one can create a channel and discusses what they want to. You decide they content the length it is all up to you its YOU-tube. Jeffery Gitomer author of Social Boom states that the only limited by “your imagination and your allocated time.”Image

         Gitomer offers an action plan about creating impactful YouTube videos on his website as well as his YouTube  page Jeffery Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel .  I also found  MarkeeMarketing’s video of 16 Tips to promote your business to be helpful. Julien Smith offers some suggestions of building an audience in Gitomer’s book Social Boom.  Smith explains how this audience can be fostered for years to come. He advises to start with what you have use existing advantage. Create a series of videos not just one, if you’re a business use social proof, “crowds display credibility without you having to say it yourself.” Scheduling your shows to a well-known time is also a suggestion from Smith. He explains how to build yourself an army of followers. Recommending planning and listening to comments for insight of how people feel about your video(s). He even endorses posting a topic in Parts, to establish more videos and get people to watch again. 

        Gitomer’s Social Boom also revels some of the opportunities available through YouTube, record business philosophies to share with others, show your customer of the week, create a library of testimonials, tips and ideas about your product.  He states how these opportunities cannot appear in a brochure

         YouTube is what Julien Smith calls “An entertainment and information marketplace. So why not involve your business?  I am interested to hear what some of the most interesting or memorable things you have learned on YouTube are, post below.

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