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Twitter is a fun filled multi billion member network that is ready for you!

Mkhmarketing on Flicker

Mkhmarketing on Flicker

The great part of Twitter is you can follow what you want and access it when you want it. Twitter is instant with quickly informing tidbits about all sorts of information in just 140 characters. Statistic Brain results from May of 2013 showed the total number of active registered Twitter users to be 554,750,000.   Jack Dowrsey launched  Twitter in July of 2006 and it is ever-expanding.

Twitter has so much to offer it is a great place to show what you have to offer.  The power of Twitter can bring traffic to your website or blog,  information, opportunities, competitive intelligence, market insight, brand awareness, publicity , and if used properly customer service.  Jeffery Gitomer author of Social Boom and social media guru had an insightful and comical tweet “You could put the words “up yours” in the middle of your brochure and no one would ever find them.” gitomer April 13,2010 4:21:44 PM EDT via web. Twitter is also a fabulous place to actually build what Mark Schaefer author of The Tao of Twitter calls “Long-term relationships. ” He elaborates that “Connections lead to recognition. Recognition leads to awareness. Awareness leads to friendships. And friendships leads to business relationships built on trust.” That is   a lot of leads!

The bird sees all!  Koopp, Brian . Front view Twitter Bird on Branch, Flicker. Nov, 26.2008  web.

The bird sees all!
Koopp, Brian . Front view Twitter Bird on Branch, Flicker. Nov, 26.2008 web.

As with many tools the more you know about it the better it works for you. I had not known much about my computer when I fist got it but know that I know more of its capabilities it is doing tasks for me I never would have thought of. Twitter is the same way the more you know about it the more you can utilize its benefits. Chris Hamilton points out “As with anything you do, always learning new and innovative ways to use the service is key.”  Twitter is embracing business advertising and its working ,I notice the twitter symbol on so many business ads multiple times a day. Twitter has a page dedicated to business on Twitter, advertising the ability to “maximize the impact of your business on Twitter.” This page gives step by step advise on how to mange your reputation, establish a brand personality,  target your audience,  build your community, and several other helpful Twitter tactics for a business.  I am currently in a social media and marketing class, I am learning a great deal about it through engaging in various social media outlets. Mark Schaefer author of The Tao of Twitter encompasses this concept noting that ” Neither a book nor a class can teach you how to have an effective online presence. You need to immerse yourself in the channel and the experiment.”

Your tweets must be “hard-hitting and to the point” Chris Hamilton who runs a  sales and marketing consultancy, explains how in a tweet you do not have much space to elaborate.  He points out something I would not of considered , that it is important to leave 20 characters left in your post so it can easily be retweeted. Retweeting results in the tweet starting with “RT @username” there for if you want your orignal message intact there needs to be room for the RT information. Twitter is about forming relationships, show followers you appreciate  there RT’S and mentions by sending them a thank you message of acknowledgement. Multiple sources also strongly suggest the use of hashtags although Jeffery Gitomer has tweeted about the overuse of hashtags making you look over the top “#like a #jack#ss.” Content is also an essential in the tweet, value is what draws people in and keeps them coming. Schaefer calls “Content the currency of the social web.” He also advocates having authenticity with “extremely important and the subtle difference between traditional sales/marketing and new media.”

Sally Hogshead  asks you to contribute to and start conversations or ask questions that will start conversations. She urges to let your personality show and not be a “soulless typist.” An idea of hers that I found to be genius is to “follow the companies that you’re competing against _and the individual leaders within those companies.” Also if you’re hoping to be hired by a company it is a good way to get to know management or as Hogshead states :glean savvy insider hints about its going on in its internal culture.

WIthin a strategy of twitter it is important to know there are no shortcuts , in developing an effective twitter following. It is important to follow people who have the same interest that you have and to surround yourself with people who want to know you learn from you and perhaps help you. It is also important to understand that for businesses it is often hard to calculate measurable return on investment with Twitter. Sandy Carter is an IBM employee who blogs and tweets to thousands. She also has written two books one of being The New Language of Marketing 2.0.  Both IBM and Sandy Carter defiantly  find social media and twitter to be a necessary  strategy.

Jeffery Gitomers book social boom had some apps and websites  that assist with Twitter. Hootesuite is an app to schedule your tweets so they will be posted at the time you want even if you’re not available at that time. is a URL shortener, this is a much-needed service because obviously some of the humongous URLs are not going to be easy to squeeze into 140 character tweets. This website also offers instant analytics allowing you to see how many people clicked on your link and if there were any retweets. TweetDeck  is an application that sets up searches for industry terms related to your interests.

Twitter is a quick and simple way to let people know what you are doing and what you are thinking. It  is a great source to develop your businesses marketing outreach. People read tweets faster and often respond to them faster.  Sally Hogshead “Many high level leaders are more likely to respond to a message on Twitter than in their span-drenched email inbox.”

Gitomer Tweets “Twitter is not just freedom of speech , its freedom of thought and freedom of expression.” November 5, 2010 9:52:15 AM EDT via web.

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