What is the Impact of Social Media on Humans and Business?


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Technology is continuously bringing about new abilities that were before-impossible. Communication is at a remarkable level of swiftness. With new capabilities, flexibility and mobility.  The ability to communicate, sell and collaborate is now global through the use of technology. (Technological Advancements in Communication). In Jeffery Gitomor’s Social boom-contributing author Richard Brasser discuses how impersonal technology can make human interactions. In an addition of The Bottom line, Andrea Rodriguez touches on the pitfalls of numerous relationships through social media. “the delicate weave of personal and professional daily actions, insights, questions and realizations that were the fabric of our relationships.”

With this decline in the “little things” that make up relationships, Brasser introduces the new found emphasis on Notoriety  people want other people to know they are here. My  brother once questioned “If I do not put it on Instagram, Twitter  or Facebook how will people know  I did it?” Validation of shared thoughts, ideas, experineces and moments are major for people. Hence why the openness and transparency of social media networking has such a great appeal. The thing about social media is that people want to portray their best self. The desire of social media is to connect, interact and be responsive in a polite and positive way (Gitomer 58). Jay Deragon of Socialmedia today considers classical motivation theory components to understand  baseline motivations that draw adults to social media. He uses Maslows hierarchy of needs triangle to clearly highlight how self-actualization, Ego-status and belonging are reasons people cling to social media.

Businesses can use this representation and understanding of human motivations to their advantage (Gitomer 63).   Steps can be taken to connect with the right audience, listen to what they are saying, create engagement and reach out to them. Paying attention not just to the individual message, to the ongoing conversation. Listening for “subtleties of their communication” brings new strength to professionals (Gitomer 60.)  Socialmediaexaminer  author Phil Mershon discusses the importance of knowing where your customers spend their time. People can spend an immense amount of time on Facebook multiple times a day. Knowing what is valuable to consumers, how to offer value to them is key. You want to create messages and content so valuable that people will tell others about it. (Gitomor 72) The more effort and value offered the more attractive one becomes. Gitomor shares a simple secret- “the more engagement I create, the more connections I gain.”

Brand, image and reputation can be built through the use of social media. “All business social media is interconnected”(Gitomer 75). Therefore all media outlets must be used, Facebook is a great place to begin. No longer is a business Facebook page “a good idea. . . its an essential.” (Hussain) Facebook is a growing community with 819million users and growing (Newsroom Key Facts). A Business Facebook page should be designed strategically, considering what content would be perceived as valuable to customers. (Gitomor 75).


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