Jeffery Gitomer’s Social Boom starts out with a BANG!


“Windstorm to a FIrestorm” (Gitomer,pg.6)

An entertaining array of information on Social media and business is found in the first section (pg.3-53) of  Jeffrey Gitomer‘s Social Boom. Gitomers writing in this book flows quickly feeling like a blog or tweet, in fact there are several tweets  included. I feel as though Gitomer is talking to me when he describes the opportunity to grasp the  phenomenon of social media at its best. Other authors insights and wisdom enlisted in this book adding additional perspectives on the”social boom.”

I felt a sense of urgency as Gitomer pointed out that “In a millisecond, millions of people can know everything about everything and everyone.” Gitomer describes social media as a growing firestorm. He endorses using social media for business, and pokes fun at any businesses missing out on the wave of social media. He describes the speed of a tweet and how a business can use


social media outlets to inform, communicate serve and sell. My friend has an obsession with Justin Timberlake and her dream is to be Re-tweeted by him. I never considered how many millions of people that would expose her to if he were to actually Re-tweet.  Before reading this section I did not think about  how we (especially business owners) evolve with the evolution of social media.

He revels that “all systems of selling are preceded. . . by your online reputation.” Exposure and networking are a must for businesses Giltomer compared a lack of social media to being anonymous . I was glad to see that there are ways to convert personal social media to business social media. Choosing the correct combinations of social media to fit your business holds importance.  Mitch Joel a co-author of Social boom suggests that if Charmin Toilet Paper brand can use social media to its advantage any business can.

A description in the text that really struck me was seeing social media as a “healthy ecosystem” highlighting the “varying degrees of impact and audience.” I liked the fact that attention on the internet is considerably a new form of currency.

NONAME, . Fire Storm. 2012. Photograph. screen~Wallpapers.comWeb. 17 Sep 2013.


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